Halloween at Disneyland

Walking through downtown Disney

I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland both in 2016, on a girls trips with my two best friends, and in 2017 with my fiancé, during the fall season when it was all decked out for halloween.

I'm not a frequent Disney-goer (I only went once when I was 9 and my next trip wasn't until about 2 years ago with my fiancé and family during Christmas time).... so I was pretty excited to get to experience the park, especially while it was decorated for fall. I love this season and I was stoked to see Disney full of orange decorations and eager to taste all the pumpkin inspired treats.

This short post is a collection of some of the pictures that I took on these mini but fun vacations. .

Main Street decorated with pumpkins and orange banners everywhere !

Angel, myself and Molly taking a picture in front of the famous big Mickey Pumpkin

I got to celebrate turning 25 there- I felt like a kid all over again haha

Jeff lovesss Disneyland, so I anticipate being back somewhat soon! I thought it'd be fun to start collecting pins so I can acquire more/ trade whenever I go back =)

Entrance to the park

We had breakfast with the characters our first morning there. Those Mickey shaped waffles were my favorite- super delicious

I was sad they didn't have pumpkin flavored beignets (the only other flavor offered aside from the classic, powered sugar beignets was butterscotch). We decided to get the traditional beignets- they were still super tasty- and paired them with mint juleps.

Seasonal Desserts

Seasonal Cake pops

One of my favorite restaurants (obvi, a necessity to share as a self-proclaimed foodie ;) )

that we ate at was Cove Bar- located inside of California Adventures. We got the lobster nachos and artichoke dip - both were so good! Because we were only in Anaheim Friday and Saturday, our days were long, spent running around the parks in an attempt to ride and see everything! The time spent at Cove Bar was a nice break from our busy schedule.

Halloween souvenirs

Loved the pumpkin carvings displayed around the Walt Disney statue

All the COCO decorations were up, which I LOVED...They even had mariachis!

When I went with my girlfriends, we had a reservation at the Blue Bayou. I was especially excited- Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite rides and I had always wanted to try the restaurant seen from the little boats when riding the attraction. My besties treated me to dinner to celebrate my birthday- so sweet and generous of them!

Other favorites from Disney and California Adventures included the Indiana Jones ride, Screamin, the Cars Land ride, World of Color, and Tower of Terror (soo glad we got to ride it before it officially closes in January!)

Celebrating 25!

This was my first time seeing World of Color and I was extremely impressed-Disney did an amazing job putting this show together

Walking down Main Street during Mickey's Halloween Party

We got to experience and watch the seasonal nightly show done by the Sleeping Beauty Castle- I loved all the creativity used and the imagery displayed on the castle throughout the phenomena. The show also included fireworks and famous soundtracks from Disney classics.

During Halloween, all of the villains come out, including the characters from a Nightmare Before Christmas

My stay at Disneyland both visits were such fun, little getaways... And, made all the more special because of the company =).

Experiencing the park during Halloween time was pretty cool, although I don't think it topped Disneyland during the Christmas season (my personal favorite). I would for sure come back during the fall, though, to enjoy all of the perks only offered during this time of the year.

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