Weekend Trip to Yosemite

This past weekend, I went on a short road trip to Yosemite with my family and close friends. It was such a fun time getting to finally see these mountains in person! I had never been to Yosemite prior to this trip, and was ecstatic to experience the park for the first time. It was a bit rough for me because I woke up with a cold the morning we left, and although our cabin was warm and sunny, we were freezing during our small hikes throughout the valleys of the park (parts of which, I don't think ever directly receive any sunlight). I am just now finally getting over this bug. Despite my cold, though, it was a great, explorative trip.

We drove up to Yosemite Friday morning and returned Sunday afternoon. Our trip consisted of mostly hiking through the park, cooking lots of delicious Portuguese dishes and feasting, and playing board games at the cabin we were staying at. It was a nice little vacation with some much needed restful and relaxing moments. Below are some of my favorite pictures that I took of the breathtaking scenery. Hope you all enjoy!

Entering Yosemite- I loved the fall colors of the trees. It would be awesome to come back in the winter time to see it all covered in snow

A shot of "El Capitan" mountain on the left side and "Half Dome" poking out on the right side (Half Dome is the rock formation with the sheer face and rounded top ). Fun fact- my boyfriend actually climbed Half Dome before...So intense lol

Stunning view of the High Sierra

The cutest cabin located across the street from us

The Brideveil Fall- one of Yosemite's many granite cliffs

A picture of my mom- taking it all in!

Walking through the Sequoia Groves

Rockfall continually changes Yosemite's cliffs at a slow and (often) unrecognizable rate. Water, ice, plants and gravity have worked on these granite walls for, literally, millions of years and continue to shape the landscape today.

Mirror Lake- in the spring time, when the lake is full, a reflection of the sierra can be seen on the water

Mirror Lake

Taken on our walk headed towards the Lake

The crew!

"Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space."

Ansel Adams, photographer-

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