5 Travel Hacks That I Use on Every Trip

There are a few token things that I do/use every time I prepare for a flight that have made traveling much more enjoyable. It's no secret that although traveling can be so rewarding, it's also full of lots inconveniences and discomfort. The following list consists of some hacks I've become accustomed to using every time I go on a trip- they have helped make my overall travel experiences so much more pleasant and are tips that I recommend to anyone getting ready for a flight.

1. Saran Wrap Liquid Toiletries

This is the ultimate life-saver! I actually first read about putting saran wrap (plastic wrap) on toiletries online and have now been doing it for years. One of the absolute worstttt things that can happen when reaching a new city is unpacking just to find all of your clothes covered in shampoo or body lotion. It literally sucksss because you're now out one or two outfits and sometimes you have no way to get them clean ( esp. if you're backpacking). This little trick helps prevent these types of accidents and the Saran Wrap assures, if there's any spill during the flight, that none of it will get on your precious valuables or clothing. You can either take off the cap of a bottle and put the saran wrap directly onto the mouth of the toiletry or wrap the plastic tightly around the bottle cap (which is normally what I do). This hack works every time for me and is probably one of the most essential packing recommendations I could give.

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2. Rolling, not Folding, Clothing

One of my aunts taught me this great trick many years ago, and it has come in handy so much throughout my years traveling. If you roll your clothes instead of folding them when packing, you can actually fit a lot more stuff into your luggage. Rolling is my go-to method when preparing a suitcase. The longer my trip, the tighter I roll each article, and the more I can fit. Some travelers might say that an issue with the rolling method is that it makes your clothes more wrinkly than if you were to neatly fold. Honestly, in all the trips I've taken, I've never really had this issue or been in desperate need of an iron. The clothing items have always been pretty presentable and ready for wear. But, if your clothes are a little wrinkly, a quick and easy fix can be to hang the articles in the bathroom while you take a hot shower- the steam helps to instantly de-wrinkle them.

This tip is especially helpful if you do plan on taking a small backpack/suitcase or will be out of the country for several weeks or even several months at a time.

3. Wrapping luggage

A sure way to have your suitcase stand out when waiting for it in baggage claim is tying a ribbon around one of the handles- esp. if your bag is a black or dark brown color and blends in easily with the thousands of other bags circulating within the airport. Ideally having a bright colored suitcase makes your luggage easily identifiable... but, if you don't want to go through the trouble of buying a new suitcase ( or don't want to be caught with a hot pink or lime green bag haha) this hack does the trick! I know that when I get off a flight (especially if it's a long one) I just want to find my luggage and get to my hostel or hotel room as soon as possible - this tip for sure helps speed up that process.

4. Using a neck pillow

This might be a no-brainer but for the longest time, I refused to buy a neck pillow. Maybe because I generally can't sleep on plane rides and just assumed a neck pillow would be of no use to me ( plus I always thought they looked a little silly lol). When I went to Thailand, though, in December of 2015, I caved and bought one at the airport in preparation for the long 15 hour flight. And while it was no substitution for a bed, it really did help me catch some solid hours of sleep, and it was incredibly comfortable. Now I don't leave the house without it ! It makes all of my international flights more easy to deal with.

You can buy one here or here

5. Using a Travel Jewelry Pouch

This hack is my most recent discovery ! For Christmas, one of my good friends gifted me a little jewelry pouch that also doubles as an organizer/ separator for my jewelry when traveling. There are several compartments within the pouch, perfect for putting in different sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings so that they don't get all tangled up with one another. I used to hate arriving to a new city with the task of having to detangle all my necklaces and earrings, so this little bag has become one of my favorite go-to travel accessories.

You can buy one here, here or here

I hope you all find these simple tips helpful when preparing for your next trip! Please comment down below if any of you have some life-saving recommendations that make a long flight all the more easier =)!

For further reference, I also found the below pic on pinterest and thought it was worth the share, containing lots of helpful items to put in your carry on that make a long flight more comfortable.

Image taken from www.poorlittleitgirl.com. You can read the full article here

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