Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

The famous Arco landmark

I recently returned from a short but sweet trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I traveled with 8 other ladies to celebrate my best friend's bachelorette weekend and I had such a good time hanging with the girls and exploring the sights. I love going to Mexico (I'm half Mexican), and each time I have the opportunity to go, I really try to cherish my time spent there. I had previously been to Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and Playa del Carmen (outside of Cancun) but I had never been to Cabo, so I was incredibly excited to go.

Cabo San Lucas is a desert city located in Baja California, Mexico. It's best known for its beaches, nightlife and popular water based activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, whale watching, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, jet skiing, sunset cruises, etc.

In this short post, I thought I would share just a few pictures from my time there and talk a little bit about some of my favorite parts of this trip. :)

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At our hotel, Playa Grande Resort

One of the best activities we did on this mini vacation was take a sailing trip around Cabo to popular destinations like El Arco, Land's End and Lover's Beach. I super recommend this type of boat ride because they also offered a snorkeling portion, and we were able to look at and enjoy the hundreds, maybe thousands, of fish in the area swimming right next to us.

To be honest, I only snorkeled a few minutes aha and spent most of the time just floating in the ocean, enjoying the sun and warm water. It was very hot the whole time we were there... so swimming in the ocean was both refreshing and relaxing!

I actually ended up getting a little seasick on the boat because the current was so strong the farther out we got. It definitely did not ruin the ride, though, and I felt as good as new as soon as I jumped back in the water.

The color of the water was so gorgeous! This is a picture of Lover's Beach

The ladies ready to set sail! The beautiful bride is in blue

Of course I had to indulge in some tropical fruit! One of my favorite parts about visiting the country

Seeing all the colorful houses is another top favorite =)

Got these awesome blankets from a store near the marina. Purchased both for under $9!

I also got to try a fish pedicure, which I was so happy to finally be able to check off my bucket list! I actually wanted to do this when I was in the Philippines, but I scraped my foot in the ocean on some coral while there, so I opted to skip the pedi (for fear the fish might infect my wounds). But I took full advantage of this opportunity in Cabo!

This type of pedicure involves dipping your feet in a small tank filled with Garra Rufa fish, which eat the dead skin cells off of your feet-acting as a type of exfoliant and making your skin feel very soft. The fish nibbling on my legs gave me a slight tingly sensation, but it mostly felt like my legs were vibrating the entire time lol ( so weird, I know). I enjoyed the experience, though, and was glad I did it.

Medano Beach

This is another picture of the water in Cabo. I didn't know until we got there, that the ocean is actually pretty rough, and they don't advise you get in because it can be dangerous. The only swimmable beach in the region is Medano Beach. We spent a whole day there, dipping in and out of the water. This is also where we snorkeled and even rode a banana boat. The water reminded me of being in the Caribbean because it was so warm! Visiting this beach is a MUST when in/exploring Cabo.

Our Resort!

We stayed at the Playa Grande Resort right in Cabo San Lucas. An abundance of cacti and palm trees on the property, excellent customer service, the beautiful pools, a mix of traditional/European design, and spacious and clean rooms are what made me fall in love with this place. It was very central, in my opinion, and only about a 7 -10 minute drive to both the downtown area and the marina.

I would really love to come back to this resort, one day, with my fiancé for a relaxing little getaway. The hotel offers an all-inclusive option, which we did not get because we wanted to eat and explore off property, but it is a great option if planning to relax and enjoy the resort most of your stay.

I would recommend visiting around the same time we did (the final two weeks of August) because the hotel was somewhat empty. It felt as if we had the resort to ourselves at times, which I really enjoyed. It was low season (peak season is October to April), and the weather was phenomenal the entire time we were there. Granted it was super hot, but nothing unbearable. They advise to visit in May and June, as well, to avoid the summer storms that might occur in July and August, but thankfully we had no issue our entire stay. A storm did hit about 30 minutes after our plane took off back to California, but luckily we were not affected by it.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my stay in Cabo! I would for sure go back whenever I want to get away and unwind for a few days, as it is largely a resort town. From the Bay Area, it is only a 2.5 hour flight, and when planned in advance, plane tickets are relatively cheap.

Some of the downsides that I found were that not all of the beaches were swimmable (as I stated above), it was super touristy with tons of Americans traveling to the area (I would forget I was in Mexico, at times), and the food was not great. I personally prefer Puerto Vallarta or Playa del Carmen for a more authentic, Mexican experience, more traditional and delicious Mexican food and friendlier beaches (Playa del Carmen and Tulum are especially known for their gorgeous beaches). But if you're looking for a warm city to relax and lounge poolside most of your stay (and get your tan on) I'd say Cabo is great. Of course, they have several day time outdoor activities, as well, to keep you busy if you are the adventurous type =).

Roaming around our hotel

Do I have to go back to real life??! sighhhhhh*

Until Next time, Cabo !

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